Nobody Like You

written by AziaElga


THE LOVE HYPOTHESIS meets DELILAH GREEN DOESN’T CARE; a STEM-oriented college sapphic romance about struggling adults navigating love despite their broken hearts.


Yeju Hwarng no longer believes in love. After breaking up with her long-term girlfriend and watching her parents divorce over the summer, all her passion disappeared, including her passion for science that got her into her microbiology PhD program. When a new roommate and lab mate, Lia Choi, enters her life, Yeju recognizes her as more than just a familiar face--she is an enemy that needs to be chased out of her life.

Tension escalates both at home and in the lab, but the more they work together, the more they realize: they have a common goal, and they need each other to achieve that. All they need to do is to open their hearts.

Love is hard, but life is harder without love.

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