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The Entirely Fabricated Story of Lizzie Nickerson

When two police detectives arrive at a crime scene, they meet a girl who alters the trajectory of the case and changes their lives.

Lizzie Nickerson is a girl on the spectrum who grows up in a society that too often labels and defines people through binary classification. Though she is incredibly adept at identifying and connecting patterns, in Lizzie’s world, there are no categories. Each individual and every situation is experienced at the moment at face value. This is neither good nor bad. It’s just Lizzie.

“The Entirely Fabricated Story of Lizzie Nickerson” is not a book about Autism Spectrum Disorder. It’s a novel about how perceptions change when you really, truly look at the world.

About the Author

I’m a professional writer who, for decades, has cultivated a list of Fortune 500 clients writing and producing for print, web, mobile, and video.

In 1999-2000, I produced and directed all the video and computer-based components for Carnegie Science Center's 6,000-ft traveling exhibit, "ZAP! Surgery Beyond The Cutting Edge." At the center of the exhibit is ZapCam, a motion simulator ride where visitors can take a journey through the human body.

Outside of the corporate world, I’ve written and produced TV projects and an indie feature film. For three years, I was a contract writer for Episode Interactive. My original story, “Glamanour Heights” was the second most popular story on the app with more than 30 million reads.

I’ve authored 16 feature-length screenplays, three original TV pilots, a PBS documentary (Official Selection, 2014 Napa Valley Film Festival), and five Wattpad novels (2 YA, 3 Adult Fiction). I’ve adapted my novel, “Her Terrifying Love” into a series pilot called “This Girl’s Secret” that I’ve been pitching.

I won’t bore you with terms like “multi-optioned” or mention Finalist placements in screenplay contests such as Blue Cat, AFF Screenplay Competition, etc. Suffice it to say, during thirty years of pitching and submitting, I know the triumphs of a project greenlight, the pain of producers’ notes, and the agony of watching a production crash and burn. I have the scars to prove it.

Of greatest significance, most dogs like me.