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Contemporary Romance


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Land's End

After being jilted at the altar, Amber Gardner finds herself in a small beach town and stuck rooming with an unlikely person: her childhood nemesis Cameron, the man she is supposed to hate.


Amber Gardner and her fiancé were together for two years before he jilted her at the altar, leaving in his wake nothing but a handwritten letter. So she did what any heartbroken woman would - she grabbed her honeymoon bags and ran out of the chapel in search of a ride to anywhere but there.

Without an Uber or taxi in sight, Amber begs for a lift from her childhood nemesis Cameron Wright, and they take off for the horizon. Snarky banter, questionable choices, and a broken engine find them stranded in the small coastal town of Land's End.

Forced to share a room and a bed, Amber and Cameron struggle to make their clashing worlds and views meet. Little do they know, Land's End is there to offer them much more than an in-between refuge but a new beginning.

About the Author

Şevval is a romance writer and Wattpad Creator based in Istanbul. She loves writing about heart-swooning romance novels in a realistic light with independent women and respectful men who treat them well. She also loves including diversity in her stories — mainly East Asian characters due to her love for Chinese and Korean cultures.

She's been on Wattpad since 2014, and she is a Paid & Yonder writer. Besides writing, she loves spending time with her family, travelling and discovering new cultures, learning new languages (currently Korean!) and reading books.