Alien spacecraft? Check. Apocalyptic countdown? Check. World-class storytelling? Double-check!

Welcome to “30 Days to Save the World”, a short story anthology from WritersConnX creators & writers.

We’re raising funds to take our vision of a high-quality, beautifully designed anthology from existing only as a digital product on Wattpad, into paperback, hardcover and audiobooks… something you can hold in your hands.

The best part is that this book will live on Wattpad where you can read it for FREE… but you can also choose to own a hardcover, a paperback or an Audiobook. It’s all up to you, the reader.

This isn’t just an anthology; it’s a wild ride across genres, emotions, and the human experience itself!

Picture this: a mammoth alien craft, over a thousand miles wide, looms ominously over North America. In 30 days, it might all be over. Or so it seems. Starting this summer, we plunge into an emotional whirlpool – daring heroics, romance in unlikely places, intense drama, spine-chilling horror, and yes, a sprinkle of sci-fi. All from the imaginative minds of your favorite Wattpad writers.

Release Schedule:

Thank you to our Kickstarter Supporters

A heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you who believed in this project and brought it to life. Your support fuels our passion. Thank you for helping us create something extraordinary.

A.B. Channing, Alexandre Gachet, Andrew S, Antony Jordan, Augie C. Montelongo, Ava Larksen, Barbara Contini, Bethany, Bobbi Boyd, Brad Lorang, Brian Mullin, Caitlyn Martin, Caroline A. Robbins, Cayleigh, Christine, CJ, Cjayjones, Colleen Feeney, Crystal Scherer, CW Knight, Debbie Goelz, Elizabeth Lorang, Eric B., G, Gene Barretta, Glen maddock, Greg Rempel, Grufel3333, Hillary Bradley, Ina Ramos, J Hart, Jennifer Farwell, Jessica Gonzalez, Jinn Tiole, Jon Brandt, Joseph Connell, Karistina Lafae, Kelly Snyder, L. B. Neptunia, Lark Badkerville, Leslie Lee Sanders, Liam Murphy, LJ Rae, Lorraine Tramain, M Mitchell, Mags Lorang, Margaret Rathmann, Matthew Lorang, Maynard Soloman, MB, Melody Grace Hicks, Michael Evans, Michelle Shaughnessy Mueckler, Milo, Mindy, MKH, Natalie Penna, Nicholas Stephenson, Patrick Hay, Phyllis J Towzey, Ren Tachibana, Rita Schuster, Rob Wiles, Shaun Allan, Stephanie, and Tamara Lush.