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Stolen Fate

Genre: fantasy, paranormal, romance, and werewolf

The wielders are coming, and they're ready for violence.

With a cub in her arms, Arietta James, a dedicated vet technician in training, flees for her life and the life of the little shifter she's ready to die to protect. Her escape lands her right in the heart of the enemy territory: the shifters.

Gavriel O'Connor, steadfast leader of the shifter territory, has worked too hard on rebuilding and unifying his people to allow a human to run rampant in his domain. Fully intending to turn her away, Gavriel prepares to rid his territory of another nuisance.

Until his shifter side won't let him. There are too many questions about this young woman and not enough answers. His biggest question: how did she end up with one of his own?

Arietta didn't imagine she'd live this long. Between the shifters and the wielders, she's braced for her final moments. However, when the shifters begrudgingly welcome her into their territory, she must make a decision: stay loyal to those of her kind, or reveal to the shifters a problem that could wipe them out entirely. Before it's too late-for them and for her.

About the Author

Cayleigh G. Kennedy is a Wattpad Creator and Paid Stories/YONDER author who really needs to stop buying more tea than she can drink. With more than eight complete novels and over 15+ million reads online, Cayleigh loves diving into new and exciting worlds filled with fantasy and paranormal. A romantic at heart, her works contain happily ever afters and bittersweet new beginnings mixed with humor, a touch of mystery, and, of course, magic.

When she isn’t fighting werewolves or remixing fairy tales, she can be found playing video games or buying books at her favorite secondhand bookshop. Residing in Illinois, she spends her time with her three siblings and her cat who thinks 4 a.m. is a great time to party.


paranormal and werewolf
fantasy, romance, and teen fiction
fantasy, romance, and teen fiction
fantasy and romance
fantasy, romance, and teen fiction