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Nobody Like You

Genre: contemporary lit, lgbtq, and romance

Yeju Hwarng no longer believes in love. After breaking up with her long-term girlfriend and watching her parents divorce over the summer, all her passion disappeared, including her passion for science that got her into her microbiology PhD program. When a new roommate moves into the apartment, Yeju recognizes her as more than just a familiar face; she is an enemy that needs to be chased out of her life.

Lia Choi does not need love. Her parent never gave her any, and confessing to her childhood best friend over the summer only caused a fall out. Love has proven to be both unnecessary and a liability, and all Lia needs instead is to do well in college and get into a prestigious research position in the microbiology department. Unfortunately, this turns out to be difficult when her research mentor is also her new roommate who is hell bent on ruining her life.

Tension escalates both at home and in the lab, but the more they work together, the more they realize: they have a common goal, and they need each other to achieve that. All they need to do is to open their hearts.

Love is hard, but life is harder without love.


THE LOVE HYPOTHESIS meets DELILAH GREEN DOESN’T CARE; a STEM-oriented college sapphic romance about struggling adults navigating love despite their broken hearts.

About the Author

Azia Elga is a scientist by day and a hobby writer by night. As a writer, she writes a jumbled mess of genres, but all her works contain heavy queer elements, with an emphasis on sapphic romance. Having immigrated from Singapore to the Northeast of the United States for work, Azia is passionate about including tons of Asian voices and perspectives in her works.

When she is not writing or daydreaming about her cute sapphic couples, you can find her stressing away in her laboratory and growing bacteria from poop (yes, really). She is also an editor and writer for a science communication blog, Science in the News Boston.

Her contemporary romance, Nobody Like You, won the 2023 Wattys Award. Her teen romance, Cherry On Top, won the 2022 Pride Awards, YA category, hosted by Wattpad’s LGBTQ profile, while her fantasy romance, The Lightning Mage, won the 2022 Ambys Award, fantasy category, on Wattpad.


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