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Genre: romance, science fiction, and teen fiction

WATTY AWARDS 2022 SHORTLIST · AMBYS 2022 WINNER · A quirky Asian high school story fused with sci-fi, romance and mystery


Komoreby is the metropolis of the future--an eco-city brimming with stylish urban life, where dreams are forged into reality. It's everything Evanna Zeller's quiet, old town was not.

Nerdy in mind and whimsical at heart, Evanna is a lonely girl with dreams far bigger than herself. She's darkly inclined with sunshiny kawaii, and she's herbivorous with a taste for video game blood. Evanna's adventure of a lifetime is her move to Komoreby, where she reunites with her childhood bestie at the city's most prestigious high school. Everything is set for a brilliant new start--or so she thought.

Pranks and betrayals sink the very first day to rock bottom. As if that isn't bad enough, a school tour of the city's high energy physics lab, home to a gargantuan particle collider, takes a bizarre turn.

Now she's trapped in a parallel universe of draconian rules and warped versions of everyone she knew. As she spins down a rabbit hole of mind-boggling quantum physics, can she find her way home through the murk of the unknown? All the while weaving through a social web of potential friends, foes and a mysterious rocker guy she's relentlessly drawn to.


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BOOK 1 of the Komoreby series

The strict school is based on real Asian schools (chap 4+). The ban on romance, classroom raids and shadow education are real. Expect shoujo/kdrama vibes, slowburn ship, gaming (MMORPG), rock music, real science and veganism!

About the Author

Su Vida is an artist, animator, author and a sci-fi nerd from the central hills of Sri Lanka. She holds a bachelor's degree in multimedia and worked in animation/advertising for several years. During the pandemic, she pursued her own creative journey and started penning her stories. She loves everything quirky, and her stories are all speculative fiction—sci-fi, fantasy and horror. They come with smart heroines, big worldbuilding, Asian-ness, real science, slowburn romance, ace rep, eco themes and anime/gaming/fairytale elements.

When she's not drawing, animating, volunteering or crafting stories, she can be found geeking out over anime, video games and funky science.


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