In 2022, Wattpad engaged WritersConnX to produce a series of videos for their most important event of the year: The Watty Awards, otherwise known as The Wattys.

Our task was to give authors their best shot at winning one of the coveted awards by supporting them through the process with a series of informative, easily-accessible videos. Panelists include former Watty winners, Watty entrants, and incredibly knowledgable authors. A trove of insight, tips, and secrets created by authors, for authors, on a scale hitherto unseen by Watty participants.

Writing for the Wattys

Moderator: Morgan Rider
Panelists: Alix Hicks, AJ Arnault, TL Bodine, Zoe Blessing

Moderator: Deb Goelz
Panelists: Masonfitzzy, Van Carley, JanePeden, Henry Scott, Sabrina Blackburry

Moderator: Deb Goelz
Panelists: Jane Peden, Tamara Lush, Donna Taylor, Daisy H. Black

Moderator: Sabrina Blackburry
Panelists: Rebecca Jade, Crystal Johnson, Felicity Vaughn, Avery Keelan, Caroline Richardson, Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

Moderator: AJ Arnault & Morgan Rider
Panelists: MB Dalto, Olivia Vaughn, Holly Hamilton, Leslie Sanders

Moderator: Rodney V. Smith
Panelists: Clarissa North, Mason Fitzgibbon, AJ Arnault, Sabrina Blackburry, Jordan Lynde, Lindsey Clarke