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Scifi, romance, fantasy, paranormal


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Cat Eyes Sirius

"He's wild but doesn't even know what a kiss is. She will show him all, fascinated by his nature and beautiful eyes."

Evolved humans are lethal, with a lion's strength, perfect vision, prominent canines, and claws. A young man with deep green eyes is captured and accused of being a dangerous evolved man. However, he does not remember what happened to him and is willing to protect, with his life, that woman who held him captive in a laboratory. He's proving to be trusted, besides charming. Is he wild and dangerous? Marien does not trust them; that species killed her parents. Still, she will have to team up with one of them to stop humanity from destroying itself, discovering new intense feelings towards those magnetic cat eyes.

About the Author

I am a writer, artist, and architect originally from Peru, known as the land of the sun, but now residing in Arkansas, also known as The Natural State. Writing has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, but I only started publishing my work online a few years ago on Wattpad.

Through Wattpad, I gained valuable experience in grammar and editing. My fantasy-humor book in Spanish won a Watty award.

In my free time, I indulge in my passion for sci-fi-romance writing while working in an Architectural firm! Happy endings? As only a book can deliver...