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Imperfect Fit

A jilted, curvy accountant joins a gym on a journey of self love. The last thing she plans for is to fall for her grumpy trainer.
Who needs men, anyway?

Certainly not Joanna Lozano. The youngest of five and the only girl, Joanna has learned at a young age the importance of survival in a man's world. It's what drives her to be a successful accountant in the corporate world of Chicago.

When her boyfriend of six years unceremoniously dumps her--though her pride is wounded--she accepts the rejection as an opportunity to rediscover herself, starting with a reluctant agreement to join an eight-week fitness bootcamp.

Sage Kingston, is a straightforward gym owner who appreciates and lives by the monotony of his life. His only goals are to provide and care for his young son after his divorce left him jaded. He doesn't have time nor the patience to play games that come with dating or relationships. Who needs that headache, anyway?

Yet, with a new season of bootcamp at his gym underway, he's instantly attracted to the curvy and feisty participant, Joanna. However, he has his work cut out for him, since she's not easily charmed or swayed by his bulging biceps or six-pack abs.

But even Joanna can't deny the mounting tension between them after each draining and sweaty training session. As they grow to know each other, so does their affection. The question is, can they overcome their hurt pasts and take a risk with unexpected love?

About the Author

LJ Rae is a New Adult, Dark Romance author who recently branched out to chicklit/Rom Com genres. However, even her darker stories are laced with humor to break up some of the heavier themes and elements. She likes to write strong, independent yet flawed and relatable characters. Her stories will take you on emotional rollercoasters, but will be worth the ride with a happy ending waiting, always.

Her most read story, "Found In Darkness" is featured on Wattpad AfterDark.

When she isn't writing to keep her sanity, she is the mother to three very extroverted girls, a dog mom to a seven month old Pompsky, and a wife to a video-game loving husband, living out her own opposites-attracts romance on the west side of the Rocky Mountains.