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Historical Romance


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An Impossible Deception

Genre: historical fiction

Identical twins Isabella and Arabella Garvey have nothing in common except their looks: where Arabella is a confident socialite, Isabella hides from society, ruined by scandal. But when Arabella runs away with a secret lover to escape her loveless marriage, Isabella must impersonate her sister in order to save her family's reputation. The only problem? In order to outfox Arabella's cruel and clever husband, Isabella must start living with him, and it doesn't take long for her to discover a passionate and respectful man under his icy exterior. But is she willing to destroy her sister's reputation in order to be with the man she loves?

About the Author

Erica Jennings writes slow-burn historical romances about imperfect characters in imperfect worlds. Happy endings are guaranteed, but the road to reach them might be rocky. She has completed seven novels, including the Watty-award winning An Impossible Deception. She lives in Melbourne, Australia, with her two pet cats and a houseplant that is somehow not dead yet. One day, she hopes to find her own happy ending, even if she isn't quite convinced they exist outside books.


historical fiction
historical fiction
historical fiction
historical fiction