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The Professor

21-year-old Sloan Jackson has worked her entire life to score herself a place at England's top University-Oxford. Between studying and saving up money, Sloan has no idea what it means to have friends or any type of social life for that matter.

Until she meets Nicole-her spirited and funny roommate.

She teaches Sloan there is more to life than essays and exams. Fun, friendship and love. But there's only one person Sloan wants, and she can't have him. Because not only is James Hudson Nicole's big brother-and absolutely off limits.

He's also her English professor.

About the Author

Rebecca Robertson is a writer of romance and YA, a believer of self-care and a hardcore tea drinker. Notoriously known for adding sweet & sexy to her stories, she enjoys creating words that keep her readers on the edge of their seat. She lives in the North of England where the weather is as unpredictable as her characters.

If she could, she'd make wearing pyjamas all day mandatory.