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It Isn't Easy Being Queen

Genre: fantasy, humor, romance, and teen fiction

Bad things happen when Rowen is around and the worst part is, she has no idea why, until a massive family secret sends her on a fantastical journey to fight her evil fate. Will Rowen fold into the forces of dark magic or honor her true self?
On the surface, Rowen Keckilpenny-Brown seems like a normal teenage girl with normal teen problems-no boyfriend, overprotective parents, and no friends other than a three-legged cat. But her wild red hair, reptilian eyes, and legendary temper say otherwise. When Rowen accidentally blows up the school gym, she discovers a dark secret her fathers have kept from her-she's the heir to an evil queen's throne.
The current evil queen, Petronella Grimshaw, is desperate to crown Rowan the new sovereign and blackmails her into traveling to the queendom. Rowen has one month to learn how to evil queen, and it's not easy because there are those in the castle who want her dead, witches are disappearing, and an annoyingly cute swordsman keeps distracting her.
Worst of all, Rowan finds herself in a duel against her biggest enemy: herself. She must fight her true fate, in the process uncovering deep familial mysteries and perhaps the biggest secret ever...That maybe, just maybe, she deserves to be loved after all.
Princess Diaries meets the School for Good & Evil with a touch of Wednesday Addams thrown in for bad luck. The best kind!

About the Author

I’m a refugee from Hollywood where I worked for ten years. The last position I held was VP of Finance for Jim Henson Productions where I once puppeteered a chicken. Sadly, after my brilliant debut, they advised me to stick with numbers!

Since the demise of my puppetry career, I focus my creative energy on creating stories filled with epic kissing, magic, and humor. After garnering over 13 million on-line reads, my award-winning YA fantasy, Mermaids and the Vampires Who Love Them, was published by Hachette audio. I live in a redwood forest in rural Marin County with my husband. My two children have abandoned me to pursue film careers in New York, but my loyal dog, Rocket, remains at home.


fantasy, humor, romance, and teen fiction
humor, new adult, paranormal, romance, and werewolf
humor, new adult, romance, and science fiction
fantasy, humor, lgbtq, romance, short story, and teen fiction
fantasy, humor, lgbtq, and new adult