Nicholas Manus

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Mystery/Thriller, Paranormal Crime, LGBTQ+, Fantasy, Teen Fiction/Young Adult


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The Alpha King: The Hunters' Web (Book #2)

Genre: fantasy

When Daniel and his pack are called in to help solve a series of supernatural murders, they must learn to accept that the past never really dies. It just transforms.


Ferris, Nevada is under attack by a supernatural serial killer, and Daniel must attempt to put both his crown and his inner demons aside in order to play detective and stop them. But when an organization of hunters also enters the picture with a former ally among them and seems to share a history with one of his packmates, the new Alpha King must dig into the pasts of friend and foe alike in order to untangle the web that connects them all together and save his hometown.

About the Author

Nicholas Manus is a young author writing on Wattpad and is working to become self-published. He's been writing since June 20, 2014 at the age of 11 and has written a multitude of works on multiple sites before settling on Wattpad, where he is a retired Ambassador and Alumni to the program. He enjoys a good mystery to solve and a nice fantasy world to get lost in. When he's not writing, he is spending time with friends and family, experimenting with graphic design, reading a good book or fanfiction, or volunteering his time to help online and offline communities be a better place.