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The Golden Flower

Living in royalty can't be so bad, right? But...what if you're not technically royal?


In late eighteenth century Europe, nestled in eastern France, is a peaceful kingdom called Totresia. A carriage wreck disturbs that peace when found by Totresian King Edouard and his wife, Queen Clémentine. The accident's significance has a ripple-effect on the entire country, and its only survivor? A baby girl, the same age as Edouard's first-born son, Antoine. This baby girl--Marguerite, nicknamed "the flower that braved the storm"--has to learn the intricacies of growing up as a foster-child in a royal household, and what being nobility entails. And how being an outsider to the royal blood-line could compromise all that was promised to her--especially if a member of said royal household dislikes her. Marguerite's proximity with the Crown Prince, Antoine; her frolicking with the Princes, Sébastien and Jules; and her sisterly feelings towards the Princess, Cordelia--all are jeopardized by individuals with foul intentions and blackened hearts, hiding in darkened corridors of the magnificent Torrinni Castle.

About the Author

Stephanie Rose is an award-winning indie/self-published author living on the west-coast with her energetic tuxedo kitten, Crowley, and her incredible and supportive boyfriend, Matt.
She’s a multi-genre writer of paranormal horror, mythology mystery, dramatic historical fiction, spicy/steamy romance, and colorful LGBTQ+ fantasy.
Aside from her self-published Greek mythology mystery books, Stephanie is also a writer and Creator for Wattpad. She’s been active on the platform since 2014, with her ghosty paranormal novel Ghost Portal, which has since been rewritten & revised to better suit a 2023 audience. Her historical fiction series, The Golden Universe (comprised of one main series and three spin-offs, currently) has earned her constant praise from readers around the world, and even a long-list placement in the 2018 Watty Awards (The Golden Flower), as well as a short-list placement in the 2021 Watty Awards (A Brazen Maiden). Three of her Golden novels are also in the Paid Program & on YONDER (The Golden Flower, The Golden Girl, and The Golden Duchess).
Stephanie was born in London, England, where she lived until she was three. She then moved to Ohio for six years, and from there returned to Europe—to a Paris, France region where she lived until she was twenty-one. She later shifted her entire life to Nevada, where she’s been residing since 2008. She speaks fluent French, and often infuses French terms or expressions in her novels, or gives her characters French backgrounds.
In her books, you’ll mostly find romantic tension, explicit language, ghosts, mentions—or visions—of the afterlife, disturbing gory scenes, glorious eighteenth-century dresses of vivid colors, mouth-watering descriptions of food, and strong female characters. She’s also a firm advocate for the LGBTQ+ community (being pansexual/demi-sexual herself) and has recently been writing more and more diverse characters that she hopes her readers can relate to.
When she’s not writing—which is rare—she can be found reading, listening to music, playing video games, binge-watching TV shows, venturing to the many festivals in her town, or going on spur-of-the-moment road trips with her boyfriend and his daughter.


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