H.D. Bergen

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Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal


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Northern Lands: Bound by fate

Genre: werewolf

Calandra Asterin has forsaken her royal fae heritage, escaping an arranged marriage and seeks refuge in the sanctuary of Northern Lands. For two years, she has found solace far from her past, hidden from those who would harm her.

Zander Krys, the resolute Gamma of the werewolf pack, carries the weight of his father's tragic demise in The Uprising. Protecting the magical community is his sworn duty, and he will stop at nothing to ensure their safety in this haven.

When fate intervenes, an undeniable spark ignites between Calandra and Zander as they realize they are fated mates. Drawn irresistibly closer, they must navigate the tempestuous currents of love and destiny. Will their love be the catalyst that unites their realms or the flame that fuels a war capable of tearing everything apart?

About the Author

Tea-sipping and black cat-cuddling H.D. Bergen is a passionate indie author. With a sharp pen and vivid imagination, she writes short stories, novellas and full length romance novels in a variety of genres: from fantasy to contemporary, comedic satire, and even mystery thrillers. When she isn't behind her laptop, tapping furiously away at the keyboard, she is most likely hiding somewhere, devouring books as an avid reader, or out in nature with her family.


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