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The Bodyguard

Aiden Grayson, a privileged playboy billionaire, has always gotten everything he wanted... until now.

His reckless actions have left a path of destruction behind him, and now someone from his past has reappeared seeking revenge via blackmail. In response, Aiden gets assigned a bodyguard: the handsome and enigmatic Julian McAndrew. At first, Aiden and Julian seem like polar opposites forced to cooperate, but after a spontaneous, alcohol-fueled kiss, Aiden finds himself unable to ignore his growing attraction toward Julian. As sinister threats continue to mount, desperate to make sense of his emotions while questioning his sexuality, Aiden dives deeper into his vices.

Despite mixing business with pleasure, Julian remains determined to protect Aiden at all costs, and that includes protecting him from himself. But with the blackmailer always one step ahead, will Julian be successful at keeping his boss safe? Or will Aiden succumb to his demons before the blackmailer can ruin him in front of the entire world?

About the Author

Amy N. Johnson, also known online as CameoLover93, is an author who specializes in creating serialized fiction.

She's been passionate about writing since childhood and began publishing her stories online in 2012 after discovering Wattpad. Since then, she's been a Paid Stories author, a Wattpad Star and Creator, racked up millions of reads across her catalog of books, and gained over sixty thousand followers. While romance is her true love, Amy isn't afraid to experiment and write in other genres. Her books feature diverse and complex characters, drama for days, a lot of spice, and of course, a happy ending.

When she isn't crafting ideas for new stories or editing videos for social media, Amy enjoys reading, watching Inuyasha reruns, and spoiling her dogs, Rue and Gizzy.