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Young Adult Horror and Paranormal, Adult Dystopian, Historical Fiction, and Erotic Horror


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Blood on the Boardwalk

Jenna's convinced monsters aren't real, until one starts killing people in her small beach town and sets his fangs on her. Surviving an undead serial killer seems almost as hard as surviving high school.


Surf, sand, neon lights, and vampire jokes have been Jenna's life ever since her former best friend, Georgie, spilled her darkest secret to the whole school. A secret that's haunted her since she was little - that she was attacked by something inhuman. When she stumbles upon blood-drained bodies on the boardwalk, and is attacked by a vampire-looking monster, old nightmares become reality. Now in the crosshairs of an undead serial killer, Jenna's pretty sure the killer is also Georgie's new boyfriend. Dodging a murderer is easier than talking to her enemy, but when Georgie starts changing in even more monstrous ways, Jenna has to suck it up and work with the person she hates most if she wants any hope of stopping a killer before they both end up dead.

About the Author

Donna Taylor is a Watty award-winning, multi-genre author who has learned that no matter what she writes, it will contain something dark. Her first love is young adult horror, the product of years of Fear Street, Nightmare Hall, and more Christopher Pike than she can shake a Ouija board at. BLOOD ON THE BOARDWALK, the first book in her YA horror series, San Nico Slayers, is a result of that love. That love of horror seeps into everything she writes, whether it’s dystopian, historical fiction, or even a cozy Christmas mystery. The monster lurking under the bed will be there regardless. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, papercrafting, wrangling a clowder of cats, and spending time with her husband, preferably traveling the world.