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What Makes a Monster


A phenomenon so rare that there are only three. The first, one so ancient her origins are unknown. The second, a mere wanderer that cares not for the troubles of others, and the last, cursed before he even left the womb, a monster that lives among those that wish for nothing more than his demise.

Wallie Jonessan is now a butler to one of those monsters, Soran Makai. Those among the estate fear the Archduke that treats all with a cold distance, but Wallie carries a secret that allows him to grow closer to one that has long forgotten the meaning of comfort. Through days spent together, a bond is formed between vampire and human that cannot last.

Royals fearful of Soran, and greedy for the power he possesses, are an ever-looming threat. Danger lurks around every corner and traitors wait patiently for their time to strike. Although a monster Soran Makai may or may not be, Wallie is about to learn that vampires are not the only beasts that curse the land. Humans can be just as cruel, especially towards a love they simply cannot accept.

About the Author

Twoony is a queer geek with a love for story telling in all forms; movies, comics, books, games, and more. They write primarily YA or NA stories ranging from the always enjoyable teen romcom to high fantasy romance. At the age of twelve, they posted their first story online and have been addicted to sharing ever since. Although Twoony graduated from California University of PA with a Bachelor's in Graphics & Multimedia, their true passion has always been writing. After creating original novels and comics on sites like Tapas and Wattpad, they branched out to indie publishing where they now have a romantic trilogy and standalone romance available on amazon. Amounting over 144k subscribers and 7m+ reads across all their platforms, Twoony has managed to live their dream. They are a full-time writer with three needy cats and not enough bookshelves.


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