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Beta Rising

In a divided world where alphas are born to rule, while betas are doomed to serve, Dane Hasler thinks life is pretty sweet. He’s the hottest dude in high school, captain of the gridball team, and son of the mayor. If he can just keep acting straight, he’s sure to claim his rightful place among the alpha elite. But Dane’s dreams are shattered on graduation day when his test result reveals he’s a beta.

Shunned by family and friends, Dane struggles with life on the streets until he runs into a former classmate and joins her queer rebel collective. Finally free to be himself, Dane is just starting to enjoy his new life when a shocking revelation presents him with a stark choice: should he return to the closet to reclaim his alpha status or fight for his boyfriend and the revolution?

About the Author

Graham Bower is usually up to no good. When he’s not writing about himself in the third-person, he works as a designer, writer, journalist, app developer, fitness expert and raconteur.

Born and raised near London, he studied graphic design at Central St Martins, and went on to run his own award-winning marketing agency. Clients included Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and the BBC.

In addition to writing, Graham loves drinking coffee, running, weightlifting, American football and learning Spanish. He lives in Barcelona with his husband Martin and their dog, Lulabelle.