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Debbie's Vengeance

Fourteen-year-old Debbie isn't all that she seems. Her love for money is well-known in the neighbourhood. When she is arrested, accused and wrongly implicated in a drug deal gone awry, the law sentences her to a life in juvenile prison.

Through her life in prison, Debbie learns that she is the long-lost heir of the kingdom of Karlynndwain. She gets details on her perpetrators and the crimes they committed. And now, she wants to take revenge from all those who wronged her. She will not stop until she has it!

About the Author

Hey there, Nab here. I'm 47, and live with my husband and two children. I'm from Ahmadabad, India.
I'm a great fan of Jane Austen with Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility being my favourites.
I love music and listen to the Back Street Boys, Cold Play, Imagine Dragons, Nickelback amongst others.