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Lemon Sorbet

It started with a lemon sorbet. Then a cold, dead body smiled.

In a chance of a lifetime, Wendy Cain's innocent little crush on an infamous pariah, Leon Song, is swept up in a game of cat, mouse and murder as a dead body is found in his home... and the natural suspect being the amorously charming man. Can a simple crush acquit you murder? Or will you fall riddles to the hands of charm?

About the Author

C. Snick is a twenty-something year old storyteller who has not stopped churning out stories since she was eleven years old. Born and raised in the seas of South East Asia, she has written and finished several books, one bearing down a local accolade, and another, currently in Paid and on YONDER. Currently, she can be found mucking about and photosynthesising by day, writing at night, and thinking about the next plot twist she is going to subject her characters (and readers) to.


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