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Girls Who Play Guitars

Love-phobic Aussie rock chick Ellie Devine must resist the charms of sexy pop star Daniel Armstrong to save her band's songs from their vengeful ex-lead singer.


It's 1994. All-girl Aussie band Slider, fronted by lead singer, guitarist and avid AC/DC fan Ellie Devine, is defying the odds to become one of the biggest rock bands in England.

Along with her best mates-no-nonsense drummer Kim and nonsensical bass player Meg-Ellie knows Slider has the potential to make it big.

When Jessie, the unreliable singer they turfed out of the band years ago, threatens to steal the rights to Slider's songs, everything Ellie, Meg and Kim have worked so hard for could be ripped away.

Enter Daniel Armstrong, Britpop star and blond-haired, blue-eyed pinup boy. With all his flirty charm and casual swagger Ellie's world is turned upside down.

Can she save her music and her band without being side-tracked by Daniel's charismatic force?

Can she ever get over her first and only love, Kombi Van Man, and let Daniel in?

Can she balance her music, her band and her best mates with her lust for Daniel?

This is a road tripper of a story about friendship and sweet British musos topped off with the occasional Aussie slang word - perfect for anyone with a deeply desperate passion for music.

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Oh hey, here are some things to know:

⋆ This story used to be called 'Slider' and they're a fictional band
⋆ Slider has nothing to do with an American grilled cheese sandwich although ... yom
* There is a second story on Slider called "Ellie Devine Rock Star" which you can read once you've devoured this one! Woo!

About the Author

Well, hey, hello and welcome!

I have an unhealthy obsession with ????music???? and the 1990s, ????fame???? and ????celebrity????.

I write heartfelt stories about being in bands, going to gigs, listening to mixtapes and playing guitar extra loud to stadiums of screaming, sweaty fans. My stories are all about the Nineties and have an Australian twist - because that's what I know and love! I've won an Amby and am a Wattpad Star and Wattpad Creator which is pretty spesh! ????

_daydreaming Gemini / plays guitar badly but with confidence / eats too much pasta / stuck in the 90s / lives a life with a musical soundtrack

_GIRLS WHO PLAY GUITARS / Part I of the SLIDER series is a crazy cool rock 'n roll tale of 90s nostalgia with vintage guitars, hot musos & friendship
_FINDING ABBY/ YA tale about parents, loss and love / finding yourself / mixtapes, music and cool cars

_ELLIE DEVINE ROCK STAR / PART II of the SLIDER series follows Ellie, Dan, Meg and Kim's next adventures into the world of Britpop in 1994.
_AVA J & THE REGRETS / what if you could go back and fix the biggest regrets of your life? An adult tale of the lonely rock and roll lifestyle and how close Ava J gets to joining the 27 Club.