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When Alyssa shows up in Hulhazy Front a week after wiping the memory of her partner, she's terrified of ruining everything again. Her brother and dad are convinced she'll be okay as soon as she's able to "move on", which makes no sense to her, because they sound like the exact same thing. Alyssa doesn't care about moving on--she just cares about hiding the fact that she's a mermaid from this new small town, and especially her new coworker, Elliot.

Elliot has spent the past year trying to figure out how to be out. It seems that every time she finds some kind of balance, something has to happen. Her parents say something homophobic before she's about to confess her "big secret," or her old friends from the swim team make some jab about all the things they're convinced Elliot did sophomore year. She's planning on her summer consisting of working at the public pool, hiding her sexuality, and third-wheeling it up with her best friends, Neema and Duncan.

Until, of course, she meets Alyssa.

About the Author

Olivia Vaughn is a current university student in Texas, double majoring in Global Business and Marketing with a minor in Spanish. She joined the Wattpad Stars program when she was fifteen and is still involved in their Creators program.
When she's not working on her radio show or job as a concert promoter, Olivia loves sharing her stories with her readers, with a focus on Young Adult queer romances.