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Jessica Cunsolo

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The Blind Date Agreement

When 17-year-old Carina agrees to go on blind dates to hide her crush on her best friend's boyfriend, she discovers who her true friends are, unexpected love, and, most importantly, herself.


17 year old Carina's life was pretty great until her best friends, Kalani and Emi, decide she can't fifth wheel prom like she's been fifth wheeling their dates. The only problem? Carina's secretly in love with Kalani's boyfriend, Emmett. When her friends decide to start setting her up on blind dates, Carina is forced to agree-- even though each is worse than the last, and the arrogant jerk, Jay, her first bad date, keeps popping up to witness her fail--or else risk her friends finding out about her crush on Emmett, and losing them forever.

About the Author

Jessica Cunsolo’s young adult series, With Me, has amassed over 140 million reads on Wattpad since she posted her first story, She’s With Me, on the platform in 2015. It has won a Watty award, been published in multiple languages, and is in development for TV with Wattpad WEBTOON Studios.

Jessica lives just outside of Toronto, where she enjoys the outdoors and transforming her real-life awkward situations into plotlines for her viral stories.