written by Tate Csernis

genre: horror

Alucard has lived a terrible life. Born into the Diabolus, a cult of estranged witches dedicated to freeing Lucifer from the void, his mother was slaughtered seconds after his birth, and he grew up in darkness until he was ready to do what he'd been born to doーdie. When offered immortality to escape his fate, Alucard was reborn as the world's first vampire.

Four hundred years later, on the tower of a rustic castle, Alucard meets Zalith. But Alucard isn't so keen to work alongside a demonーfor demons and vampires are natural foes. To both their displeasure, however, they are teamed together to work for Damien, the tyrant Numen often worshipped by man as God. And the task: moving endangered vampires from Zalith's world to Alucard's.

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1800s adultfiction alternateuniverse darkfantasy darkromance demisexual demons enemiestolovers firstlove gayromance gothicromance gritty lgbtq magick malexmale morallygrey multiplepov paidstories paranormal paranormalromance romance scifi slowburn vampire werewolvesandvampires

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