Western Connection

written by Caroline Richardson

genre: romance

Brady is the fixer at West Line Ranch. Equipment, cattle fencing, his estranged father's situation to name a few. On top of everything, fate has placed Caitlin Fenshaw and her predicament squarely in his path. He's drawn to her strength, but is he ready to open his heart when he is still figuring out who he is?

Caitlin doubts she'll ever fall in love again, after what her ex did to her. Through her favourite patient Keith, she keeps bumping into Brady West. He's sweet, caring, and his touch soothes her long-worn nerves. He understands her, but she's on the fence about whether to let someone else into her broken heart.

As their deep connection takes hold, Caitlin will have to push her doubts aside and trust Brady, and Brady will have to let his family help him when the stakes get high.

Book 2 of the West Brothers Series

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