Waves of Us

written by Stephanie Midorii

genre: romance

In the heart of Hawai'i, Alex finds an instant connection when she meets her best friend Emmie's new boyfriend at a party. And even as the relationship becomes strained, their friendship continues to grow until Alex finds herself stuck between the two people she loves the most.

Though she learns how hard it is to balance these two relationships, especially after Emmie and Zach's relationship ends, they dive deeper and deeper into the depths of their secrets until their lies pull them under. After everything falls apart and Zachariah moves away for a year and a half, he returns and Alexandra's life is shaken up because he's not the only one back in town. With Zachariah and Emmie both returning to O'ahu, Alex is forced to reconcile what she wants out of life, and who she wants to be.

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