Slow and Speedy Win the Fight

written by J. A. Jumphol


Haresa Saenin is no stranger to villain antics. They've been doing hero work since the age of five after all. But when an old nemesis enrolls in their high school with a new identity and a hidden plan, they can't help but be vigilant and watch Sheldon Phan's every move.

Sheldon wants Haresa to leave him the hell alone. Sure, when he went by the stage name Shelly, he made a bad impression by terrorizing the city as a kid but all he wants to do is get his degree and spend the rest of his free time with his boyfriend. If he had to steal and cheat people in the process, then it was the world's fault for being so unfair.

Lurking in the background of Haresa and Sheldon's bickering and fighting, a greater threat is approaching. Will the two notice in time and set aside their differences or will it be a fight between the two until the end?

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