The Circle of the Paw

written by MichaelSToledano


When his human family brings home a baby from the hospital, Akhi the housecat runs away from his best friend and the only home he's ever known. Upon entering the sewers, he discovers the world of the ferals, where animals rule and danger lurks just beneath the pavement. In order to survive, Akhi joins a group of bandits and finds that the freedom of being a feral has its perks - provided he can overcome the guilt of stealing from the humans that cared for him.

Meanwhile, Misha, the family's loyal retriever and Akhi's best friend, finds herself forbidden from searching for her missing family member by the mysterious Circle of the Paw. Misha must overcome mercenaries with sordid pasts, noblebeasts in charge of underground fiefdoms, and divided loyalty in an effort to reunite her family.

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