North Star

written by smidorii


Hokulani has always felt like treading water. Everything she loves becomes a means to escape. She even finds her passion for music slipping through her grasp. And though the arrival of an up-and-coming musician from Aotearoa causes waves, she's unable to release that breath she's been holding since her father passed away.

When her family receives complicated news, the Kahananui woman make difficult decisions for themselves, including one Hokulani isn't sure she understands. With their choices made, they bring up memories they've been trying to forget, forcing them to face the reality deep inside the family's hearts.

Hokulani takes refuge with Nikau, but just because she wants something, doesn't mean it's enough. She has much to work through on her own, and with the understanding that his year on the island will come to an end, they spend endless nights wondering if they can make a song go on forever.

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