written by Alix Hicks


Ancient necromancer Obtoxicullous intends to lay waste to the human kingdoms of Karus-but for all his meticulous planning and might, three young nobles may yet stand in his way...if they can learn to trust each other.


Obtoxicullous begins his campaign against the humans by first befalling the kingdom of Lorellia. What his ages of research and planning can't foresee, however, is the interference of Prince Artus Viotto. Driven by his desire to reveal his amorous and forbidden feelings for his closest friend, Prince Artus unwittingly pulls himself, Lord Rowan De-Saint Pierre, and Prince Flann O'Conar into the crossfire of a crisis that threatens to swallow all three kingdoms if they can't find a way to stave off Obtoxicullous and his horde of undead and unnatural monsters.

WARNING: This story contains depictions of violence and/or depictions of death that may be upsetting for some readers.

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