In Over His Head

written by mustangsabby


When Kevin Crawford, the 2nd Earl of Rathwell hires Sharla O'Brien as his wine investments manager, he doesn't expect to fall in love in the bargain. With his meddlesome mother completely against her, Kevin finds himself in over his head with the feelings he has for Sharla contradicting his title and status at every turn.
Sharla never expected to land her dream job working for a sexy English earl, and here she is, jet-setting all over Europe and North America buying and tasting wines for his investment firm. She's come a long way from rural Southwestern Ontario and her parents' winery. When things get hot on a business trip and it lands her picture on the cover of the Tatler, she has to make a decision. Can she handle being an earl’s girlfriend, or will she run from the emotions she's feeling for a man completely out of her league?

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