Bouquet of Winter Flowers

written by AnyaJulchen


In a room full of future concubines, an old god awakens at the cry of "Please give us chocolates!"

To ensure good luck in their life, all the heads of the Anzuhito family need a jewel by their side.
Kidnapped, beautiful, and young enough to be gullible, eight toddler boys are educated in the Old House of Flowers. Only one of them will be chosen, the rest bound to disappear without a trace at the age of eighteen. In the midst of their grim future, innocence is all they have left, but not for long.

Yet, when the Ancient One uncovers the truth behind the place, saving the little souls becomes a priority. And the only thing separating It from the goal, is an army of servants whose lack of scrupulousness matches its own.

This is not my first language, so please spare me.

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