Tattered Paige | Book 1

written by Leslie Lee Sanders


An aspiring teen author realizes she is a character in an unwritten horror novel and must use her storytelling knowledge to survive.


Seventeen-year-old romance writer, Ima Jean Paige, questions the afterlife following the recent death of her brother, leading her and her friends Zeke Garble, Felicity Weiland, and Atem Tahir to the remote Ayahuasca forests for a private spiritual retreat.

Although her search is for the meaning of life and beyond, she discovers an odd story outline in her notebook detailing and predicting the night's unsettling and bizarre happenings. Realizing they are characters in an unwritten horror novel, she must rely on the notebook and her storytelling abilities to not only gain control of her life but somehow steer the narrative toward a happily ever after.

For fans of The Cabin in the Woods, Midsommar, and The Babadook!



For references of suicide, drugs and alcohol, and mild sexual content

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