Section F: Fairy Tales & Physicists

written by Geoff Blackwell

genre: adventure

Assigned to the mysterious Section F, Agent Fields' number one priority is reversing his sudden career-slide. Even more so after meeting his new partner, the borderline dangerous Agent Peregrine. A specialist in ‘unconventional’ cases, she suspects the victims in a recent spate of murders are fairy-tale princesses from other worlds, and has her sights set on story-loving quantum-science genius Dr Frank Featherstone. Suspecting his partner is crazy, Fields' scepticism wilts when the case leads to a comatose prince, a wisecracking witch and a very much alive princess, with a mean kick to the codpiece up her sleeve. What begins as a murder investigation spirals into a jaw-dropping, dimension-spanning race against time, as the two agents and their new offsiders battle monsters, dodge dragons and receive a first-hand hardcore lesson in fairy-tale lore, while trying to bag the bad guy - and just maybe save the world.

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action adultfiction comedy crime detective dimensions dragon fairytale fantasy grimmbrothers humor innuendos madscientist multiverse murder mystery paidstories partners portal prince princess quantum science scifi supernatural witch

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