Broken But Unburnt

written by AN Horton

genre: adventure

They say nothing was left of Ravenna Aphelion... nothing but her ancestral amber ring and a scared little girl clinging to it and crying in the ash of her home, broken but unburnt.


Years later, three kingdoms are on the verge of war. Karil seeks to wipe out the magic that Idoria worships and Delos is caught in the middle, taking refugees and making alliances that are raising tensions more than diffusing them. A man in the West calls himself The Chaos and is doing his best to live up to the name, a prophecy has scholars on the edge, and religious zealots are flooding the streets and committing violent acts against those against the belief.

This world needs salvation. And it may come from the most unlikely of sources; the bastard of a sullen king, an assassin with a deadly secret, and a monster hunter from an ancient order.

They may not save the world but they will give it a choice. Resurrection or ruin? What will humanity choose?

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