Pit Lane Persephone

written by rskovach


Lauren Dimas has been riding motorcycles since kindergarten, and she's pretty sure Cadmium Racing contracted her based on her technical skills. But as the first girl in international road racing, she still has to fight for respect from fans, sponsors, and the media to prove she's not just a token pretty face to drive up viewership and endorsements.

Getting her world champion teammate and resident bad-boy Seb Bianchi to take her seriously is another matter. Seb's support could sway the rest of the paddock in Lauren's favor, but she's struggling in the middle of the field while he's hell-bent on becoming number one again. When rumors link them romantically and team bosses decide to embrace the false gossip for publicity, the lines between pretend and reality suddenly become blurred. But is putting both of their hearts and careers at risk worth it?

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