Dirty Lies

written by Tamara Lush


An Italian on the run from the Mafia. A reporter seeking the truth. Will they reveal their feelings before danger strikes?

Reclusive writer Luca Rossi is on the run. After writing a bestselling expose on the mafia, Luca needs to fly under the radar. But when a curvy and inquisitive journalist stumbles into his backyard looking for a scoop, all bets are off.

Skylar Shaw doesn't have time for romance. She's too busy making a name for herself at a small paper so she can jump to a better job. Getting an exclusive interview with Luca would be just the career jumpstart she needs. But after spending some time alone with the seductively mysterious author, Skylar discovers the only thing she wants exclusively is Luca.

Caught up in the story and each other, resistance doesn't stand a chance. But when the Mafia discovers Luca's hideout, Skylar is plunged into the dangerous world - where dark forces now want both of them dead. Now Skylar has to endanger her heart as well as her life...or risk losing a man who could be everything she needs.

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