written by Crystal Johnson; Felicity Vaughn

genre: adventure

The Hotel Reynard is the sleepy town of Spelling's chief attraction, and its new owner is a college dropout with commitment issues. Gemma has always loved the stories and history that surround the property--scary tales conjured by the locals to draw in tourists. But when she witnesses the inexplicable, Gemma refuses to consider the paranormal and searches for answers. She just never thought they would come in the form of hot, identical twin brothers living beneath the hotel's bell tower.

When the truth begins to unravel, Gemma is forced to consider the possibility that the paranormal does exist, and it's woven into the core of the hotel, starting with Archer and Soren Hyde. Despite her skepticism, she must solve the mystery shrouding her family, hold tight to the hotel she adores, and try to resist the charms of the two mystical men haunting the Reynard.

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