And Then You Die

written by Clarissa North

genre: humor

Twenty-three-year-old Mackenzie 'Mack' Bowen thought she'd get more of a shot at life before a fatal accident puts all her plans on hold. Dead and resigned to that fact, she's shocked when her soul is collected by a Reaper named Leon, who has arrived to take her to The Beyond.

While the idea of the end doesn't sit well with her, the pair soon discovers that she doesn't have the paperwork to get past the pearly gates. Faced with a choice between a centuries-long wait on an appeal hearing and taking a job to earn her spot, Mack chooses the latter and becomes Leon's partner, much to the pair's chagrin.

But it seems whoever engineered her unexpected passing isn't done yet, and Mack soon finds herself in the middle of a tangled web of lies, secrets, prowling Hell Hounds, and, most frightening of all, corporate bureaucracy.

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