One Night Only

written by Jennifer Farwell


Cayden (Deni) Indigo is the hottest teen pop star on the charts, but her world crashes down when a bomb goes off at her concert. Now she can't perform without having panic attacks, and some people blame her for the deaths at her show.

After her mom decides she needs a summer away from the spotlight to heal, Deni ends up at a lake in Ontario, Canada where no one recognizes her. That includes Hunter Gray, her lake neighbor. As her old life of red carpets is replaced by bonfires and a budding romance, she knows she needs to tell Hunter who she is. He can't stand celebrities, though, which makes revealing her identity more complicated. She just has to find the right time.

But truth has a way of catching up. When it does, it puts Deni and Hunter's lives at risk, and their families in danger.

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