written by A.V. Geiger

genre: romance

Ari Callahan has no idea how to talk to boys -- or how to talk to anyone for that matter. She's the quiet girl who goes unnoticed, while her beautiful and outgoing sister attracts every boy’s attention in their beachside town. Ari’s most comfortable underwater, working her summer job as a mermaid impersonator in an aquarium, where no one expects her to speak. And Ari can’t help identifying with her namesake character, Ariel, the little mermaid in the fairytale whose voice was stolen by a sea witch.

Enter Zac, the cute new guy in town who asks for Ari’s number. With his confidence and flirty sense of humor, Ari finds him irresistible. But Zac harbors a dark secret, and his intentions may not be what they seem. Will he be the handsome prince Ari’s dreamed of all her life -- or will he use her and leave her high and dry?

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anxiety badboy beach comingofage firstlove futuristic goodgirl korean kpop love lovestory mentalhealth mermaid music paidstories psychological relationship romance romantic selectivemutism suspense teen teenfiction thriller youngadult

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