My Blossoming Redemption

written by Alex Orchard

genre: romance

Aspen Watkins grew up in a devout Christian family. When she falls pregnant at eighteen by her boyfriend, Joel, they are forced to wed by her family.

Two years later, Joel is taken ill. Aspen soon learns that he's been lying to her since they met - he actually has a life-limiting condition. She quickly learns that it's not just Joel that the disease affects and the sins they thought they'd atoned for come back to haunt them both.

Aspen finds an empathetic ear in her husband's nurse, Nicholas Knight, who also had a surprising link to her life. He has her questioning everything she ever knew and helps her separate her past from her present.

When tragedy strikes, Aspen learns that to move on, she needs to find a new meaning of life after loss along with a new family who accept her for who she is.

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