written by Melody Grace Hicks


After a steamy encounter with Asgard's Dark Prince unlocks her genetics, an unsuspecting scientist discovers not only are Gods real, she is one.
When Shannon boards her flight to London, she's stunned her seatmate is actor Tod Mogroddine. Their rawly sensual union forges an unbreakable connection while uncovering his hidden identity and triggering her dormant genes. With her sense of identity shattered, Shannon fears the destruction of everything she's worked to build in her life. Trusting her heart to another isn't on the agenda after her painful past. But more than her feelings are at stake. Mastering new powers presents its own set of challenges when annoyance generates a wall of fire or fear spawns a tornado. Adjusting to her new reality requires time she may not have.
The God of Chaos never expected to be blessed with a soulmate, especially after the death of his immortal wife. Finding Shannon, then losing her within hours of her Goddess transformation is devastating. And it's his fault. As a new immortal of unknown background, she has no idea of the range of her abilities, how to protect herself, or even what dangers await her in the immortal world. Loki has never feared his enemies.
Until now.
Now, he has everything to lose.

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