Murray Hill

written by mhunyadi


Superhumans live among us. It is the greatest secret of the 21st Century.

Tommy Haas likes it that way. He wants nothing more than to be left alone, to live a quiet life with his beloved Rhonda. But the universe and the federal government won't let that happen. Tommy is stronger and more talented than any human being has any right to be. It doesn't matter that he's a law-abiding, tax-paying citizen. To be different in that way is to be in danger if the authorities find you out.

And now his friend Amy Lascar is missing. No one knows where she is or what has become of her, and the police scarcely even bothered to mount a search. It's that way with a lot of people like Tommy, exceptional people who simply have disappeared.

Along with his valiant friend Sam Babington, Tommy intends to find Amy.

God help whoever gets in his way.

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