Mind the Gap

written by Evelyn Hail



Two strangers on separate trains, divided by uncaring glass.
A bond forms between them.
But will it hold when their trains are bound for different destinations?

Evan's heart has been bleeding since his little family was torn apart by divorce, and his nose runs with a cold. Trying to pick up the pieces of his life, he has changed cities, and he's about to change jobs. And he has run out of tissues.

A woman's blue hair catches his eye at a train station. And her smile, fortified by braces, catches his heart.

Sitting in her train, Iris revels in her future perfect. Her work is finally getting published and she has found Mr. Right. Nothing could go wrong now.

Gazing out of the window, she sees the stranger. He looks miserable and sneezes, but her hands want to tousle his bed hair.

A random encounter at a subway station. But both of them are caught in their tracks and when their trains pull apart, they don't expect to meet again.

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