Feeding Frenzy

written by Mason Fitzgibbon

genre: horror

In a blink of an eye, the whole world can change.

Evey had always lived a normal life. She was an emergency room nurse, had friends, and had a family that she loved. Her mundane world changes when she watches a man attack and feast on the flesh of another man at a gas station.

Unfortunately, this was not an isolated attack. Majority of the population has been infected with an unknown airborne virus. Not only does it cause people to foam at the mouth and bleed from the eyes, but it turns them into mindless creatures that are hungry for flesh.

Zombies? Not quite. They are infected, not dead.

Evey’s life is destroyed when her family becomes Infected. Being one of the few Immune, Evey is taken away to a military base with other people who seem to not be infected by the virus. There she meets multiple people including Ford, a stubborn and stern soldier that she is always disagreeing with but finds herself distracted by his eyes.

The Immune band together and work for survival. Will they ever be able to find a cure? At what cost would they go to stay safe? Will they kill each other before being eaten alive?

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