Behind Your Walls

written by Iya Hart

genre: romance

Runaway seventeen-year-old Amaya faces the consequences of faking a relationship with her notorious crush, Carter Bell, in exchange for a place to stay.


When seventeen-year-old Amaya runs away to escape her abusive step-father, she finds herself on the path of her school's notorious bad boy, Carter Bell. Desperate for a place to stay, she accepts Carter's offer to be his fake girlfriend in exchange for sharing his room with her. However, the lie comes at a cost when feelings start to develop in unexpected ways. Carter is everything Amaya has been taught to stay away from but more than that, he is impossible to resist. The more she tries to warn him about the dangers of being close to her, the desperate he becomes for her love. The stakes are high but Carter always get what he wants, and he wants her.


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