Bride to the Cursed

written by wildx22


In a twisted retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves:

When a king makes an order, he expects it to be followed. When King Dane divorced his wife, he expected her to get out of his sight and stay out of his sight. Not reappear three months later in his bed, spouting nonsense about being a ‘lawyer’ from ‘Earth’ who would ‘sue his ass’.

Cassie Rogers could give two shits about this ‘king’. He may be one of the hottest specimens to walk this non-Earth, but the man is an asshole, through and through. Unfortunately, he is also the only asshole who may be able to help her get home, so cling to him with all her might, she will.

Yet as they will soon find, their respective challenges are nothing next to the asshole falling for his crazed ex-wife… only to discover that she is the bringer of doom.

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